23 August 2007

Here's something you won't see everyday

A replica of Christopher Columbus' vessel the Nina will be docked outside the Pier restaurant in Quincy August 29th through September 3rd.

I just might have to find a way back to Quincy...


  1. If you do, get pictures. Interesting to think it could get that far up the Mississippi. Sort of gives an idea of how small it was to cross the Atlantic.

  2. I'd love to drive down to see it (and spend a weekend in town; we're now just four hours north of Quincy on the Mighty Mississippi), but we're baptising our third child that weekend.

  3. Anonymous4:08 PM

    It was here a few years ago. It's size is totally mind boggling. You expect something big--it sailed across the sea full of men, right? But it is small, small, small. No wonder those guys were so superstitious! Oh, and it smells, too.