24 August 2007

Trouble brews

QUINCY, IL -- It's been a Quincy landmark for more than a century....and a church many Catholics hold dear to their hearts.

We received several phone calls this week from people up in arms about what's happening to St. John the Baptist Church of All Saints parish.

That church along with St. Mary's and St. Boniface merged to form what's now known as Blessed Sacrament.

Earlier this week, parishoners noticed a work crew carrying out precious artifacts from the building at 10th and Cedar.

Then word spread that the building was being gutted and torn down.

Now, there's a lot of uncertainty circulating about what's happening to St. John's.....and anger among those who grew up in that church.

KHQA's Rajah Maples took all of those questions, uncertainties and concerns straight to the top for some answers. [more]


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Fr. Daren, I get an Error 404 when I click on the [more] to get the rest of the story.

  2. Try to find out where, in Minnesota, they're being taken. It would be interesting to see what the plans are. At least it's not a case of off to a warehouse or posting on E-bay.