19 August 2007

Apparently I'm not very coordinated

After the Knights of Columbus banquet last night I stopped at the high school to borrow a soccer ball.

A couple of the players have asked me if I would actually practice at practice - doing the drills, etc. - instead of simply standing around, so I thought I would practice a bit on my own first.

Let me say that those warm up drills are not as easy as they look! I'll try them again this afternoon and see how I do, though I'm not expecting any real improvement. Who would have thought that passing a ball from one foot to the other and back again would be so difficult!

I doubt very much I'll do the ball drills at practice - there's no need to make myself look completely fooish, is there - but I might start running with them. Now's as good a time as any to get in shape, I suppose.


  1. The younger priests in our archdiocese form a soccer team and they play the youth, seminarians, and even some parish teams. :-)

    They call themselves "The Men in Black" and even have jerseys and shorts supplied to them by the Knights of Columbus!

    Admittedly, pretty much the only time they have the opportunity to practice together is playing a few games a year, but I think it's a great idea and good vocations promotion! They get quite into it - can be quite competitive, especially when playing the youth!

  2. I'm afraid we don't have enough younger priests who would play, and I'm not quite in good enough shape to play. That might be a good through to mention to our seminarians, though I'm not sure how popular soccer is yet throughout the Diocese.

  3. Anonymous5:43 PM

    You're lucky you didn't end up with sunstroke or a cramp or something. I would have liked to see you do drills!


  4. I was playing around after nightfall, and at the practices I drink my fair share of water. I think I've cut my DrPepper intake in half since this started. It's probably better that way.

    Today I did a little bit of practice with them. The coach split the team up into groups of three and we had one extra player, so the coach and I practiced with him. I practiced passing the ball and kicking it in the air after it was tossed to me. I don't think I did too badly for my first time.

    I didn't even attempt the third drill: "heading" the ball.