01 August 2007

Ponderables from the Poverello

I thank you, Lord God, for all these sufferings; and I ask you, my Lord, to increase them a hundredfold if it pleases you, for it will be most acceptable to me. Afflict me with suffering and do not spare me, since to do your will is an overflowing consolation for me.

– St. Francis of Assisi in Bonaventure, The Life of St. Francis 14.2


  1. Happy feast of the Portiuncula!

    Your Poverello ponderings have inspired me to give a second look at St. Francis. :-)

  2. ...and that's an accomplishment. ;)

  3. Are there any quotes from St. Francis on the willful infliction of suffering on others? It'd be interesting to see his thoughts on the matter.