06 August 2007

The Seven Sacraments

Thursday afternoon as the lights were being changed in the church I climbed aboard the lift to take pictures of the roundels of the stained glass windows. I'm not sure I'll climb back into it again.

The roundels are beautiful depictions of the Sacraments and it is a shame that so few people ever pay them any attention.

For your viewing pleasure:


  1. Magnificent, but I can't imagine it being an experience you'd want to repeat. Been there, done that.

  2. guadalupe8:26 PM

    You are hereforeto dubbed "Fr. Daren the Daring". Thanks for taking these pictures. Very nice!

  3. I'm not complaining, but why are there two for baptism?

  4. Jeffrey:

    My bet is that they had eight spaces to fill.

  5. Fr. Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R.1:37 PM

    The second image marked "Baptism" is really a symbol for the Seven Sacraments. Note the Seven Streams flowing from the fountain. It's a reference to the Book of Revelation.