26 August 2007

Alive and young

Our local chapter of the Dead Theologians Society met again this evening after a summer hiatus. It was a small gathering this evening, but not much notice was given.

Whenever I gather with the youth I am very encouraged. In a day when so many adults seem so apathetic towards the faith, the youth are ready to dive in (not all of them, of course, but many). It reminds me of what Pope Benedict has said: The Church is alive and the Church is young!

Listening to the members of the Society I am greatly encouraged by their many ideas for activities for the future and for topics to discuss at our future meetings. Topics thrown about this evening ranged everywhere from apologetics helps to meditation to the Apostles to the martyrs to Protestantism and everywhere in between. They want to discuss not only all of these, but they want sessions for questions and answers. They want a retreat to mark the first anniversary of the Society, a pizza making day, movie nights, etc., etc. etc.

I sometimes wonder if I haven’t given the group enough ownership of our activities and if that isn’t part of the reason we aren’t along quite as well as I should like (I can’t do everything, after all), and so this evening I began moving in that direction, giving them various positions to hold to help plan and organize our doings.

I am very excited about where this group will go and for the vision that they have collectively, even if they aren’t quite yet aware of it. The Spirit is certainly moving within them. May I accept the grace to shepherd them and meet them where they are.


  1. You're right. It'll work out better if you let them run things, under guidance.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic group.
    I wish I had had something like that as a young adult.