28 August 2007

I didn't know that

The very delicious and ever elusive lattice fry has its origins in Quincy.

Growing up in Quincy I always knew that Sprouts had the best lattice fries; now I know why.


  1. Wow what a claim to fame for your hometown. The only thing my hometown is famous for is the scene in the original movie "The Blob" when the theater patrons flee the movie theater - The Colonial Theater.

  2. We're also home to Pitney Bose, the inventor of the postage machine, and the first fire truck in Illinois, among many other things.

    One day I'll have to post on the illustrious history of the Gem City.

  3. I think you should. It's an interesting place.

  4. Ellen, how interesting!!
    Fr., that was news to me too.