19 June 2007

Yet another fine translation

With the recent talk of translation, I simply cannot resist passing along this little jewel from Father Z. that he found while reading the recent Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road.

Along this vein, The Crescat offers us The Cannonball's 10 Commandments for Driving. I agree very much with numbers five and nine.

On another note, no official English translations of any of the Holy Father's words in Assisi have been posted on the Vatican site, but if you want to read the Angelus Address in Croatian it is available...


  1. I'd be inclined to call the "tramp" translation an outdated usage, rather than a mistranslation. Back as late as the 60's, the word had two different meanings. The other one was a hobo, basically a homeless person. Back then they travelled, rather than settling under bridges and on street corners.