28 June 2007

Pictures from the Mass

I know that I said it was tacky only a few days ago; nonetheless, I had to do it. Here are two pictures I took during the Mass, one after Bishop Lucas' homily and then after Communion.

Bishop Lucas agreed to pose for a picture with me after the Mass:

His Excellency was very kind to me that evening (not that he isn't whenever I see him). He thanked me for my assistance at the Mass and, before we both left the church for the last time, said to me: "Take care of yourself. You have the faith [to get through this]." He is right, of course, but then again there are wounds that time itself cannot heal.

When I have time I will transcribe his homily and offer you the highlights.

I find myself today - and yesterday - not back at Mundelein but in the State's Capitol and the See of the Diocese. I'm actually in the Cathedral rectory at this moment. I expect to be back in Effingham for the weekend before getting back to Mundelein, but - as they say - we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

My pastor's dear mother is dying and will probably die later today. Rather than driving up to Mundelein only to return again to alleviate the pastor's work load, I am staying around to do whatever I can to help him and his family. Please keep his mother in your prayers.

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon with them - and will head to hospital in just a few minutes.

To close this brief post, two shots of the back of St. John the Baptist church that I took just before leaving Quincy yesterday morning:

When life settles down just a bit and I'm in the same location for two solid days, I'll try to finally offer some reflections on the closing of my home.


  1. The bishop's right, you know.

  2. I'm still laughing at the mental image of you taking photos during the mass. "Cheese!".

    Even better, i keep imagining you using a disposable camera... the ones that are really loud when you wind to the next photo.

  3. Such a beautiful Church. What a shame to close it. But the sanctuary looks very modern, with the shooting flames and all =)

    And as for taking photos during Mass.... tsk tsk... =) Haha... No wonder u sat behind the Bishop. I wonder what the parishioners think... and how did u manage to smuggle a camera up there? Was it carried in procession?

  4. I suspect the parishioners understand completely. The bishop was probably expecting the flash.

  5. Come now, give me some credit. It was tacky yes, but not that tacky ;)

    The camera was smuggled in my pocket during the procession - I bought it a couple of months ago for the purpose of carrying it around all the time - and I made sure to keep the flash off. Those are the only two pictures that I took; now I wish I had taken more.

    Sister Hiltruda - a Quincy native - painted the church sometime in the fifties (I can't remember the exact year). It was her life-long dream to paint it and, though I've never met her,I wouldn't mind complimenting her.

    I say that becasue - with the exception of the flames - I actually rather like the artwork. That isn't to say that I wouldn't like to see the original peacocks brought back but because her work is tasteful.

    Most of the artwork from an easily detactable decade I just want to toss out the window. Sister Hiltruda's work, though clearly from the fifties, is tastefully done, at least in my opinion.

  6. I'm not fond of the 50's, in spite of having been born in them, but you're right.

  7. Some how I pictured a camera a bit more "Bond" like - like a paten camera, or one hidden in the Bishops staff!

    I enjoyed the pictures you took and the link to the local paper. It is a shame that in this day and age that we must lose such beautiful buildings, but alas, we must.

    God bless.

  8. Don't know what to say. I would say condolanses, but I don't know how to spell it. It has been a while. I have no doubt you will see this through with your strong faith.

    I also was expecting more of a special camera. Perhaps one that is in your sleeve that pops out or one that was across the room and you used the force to snap the picture.


  9. Now,a camera in the Bishop's crozier is a great idea! Even better: a camera disguised as a precious gem on the Bishop's mitre. I might have to put someone to work on that... It would be the Bishop Cam.

    Thank's, Matt. I hope all is well with you and that we'll find a way to see each other again sometime before too long.

  10. Crozier-cam, a whole new idea in church candid photography! I just couldn't remember the "techinically correct" term for the staff - a senior moment for me!