19 June 2007

Stupid Catholics

Amy has a lengthy and excellent response to Bishop Trautman's article in America magazine regarding the proposed translation of the Missal.

Bishop Trautman encouraged the laity to rise up against the Holy See and demand a translation more along the bizzare lines along which His Excellency prefers. It seems the laity are rising up, only against him instead of the Holy See...


  1. The prayers in the article, are they in English or Latin. I don't mind that many ideas in the church are in Latin or are given names that drive most of us to a dictionary, whether in book form or on line, but must the prayers in mass require a dictionary?

  2. The text of the prayers in the article is in English. The prayers at Mass will not need a dictionary, if the priests do good catechesis about them. It is an opportunity for us of great grace.

    Most of the prayers in Latin - that have such poor translations currently - contain a vast treasure of spiritual beauty to be mined day in and day out. They just might need a bit of encouragemen, but that never hurt anybody.

  3. One more thing to add to my comment above: Christianity is simply, but it isn't easy.

    Everything we do must be rooted in solid theology and what is theology if not "faith seeking understanding"? Hat tip to St. Anselm of Canterbury.