12 June 2007

At the LI

I arrived Sunday evening at the Liturgical Institute at the University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary and it is great to be back!

I've been slowly settling into my room and visiting with former classmates and getting acquainted with those who are new to the program this year.

I am back to continue work on my thesis and to complete a couple of papers still left over from last summer. At the same time I will be continuing a couple of other personal writing projects.

The summer is divided into two three week sessions. This first session I will be auditing (I think) Sacramental Aesthtetics. We've met twice now and the class is very good and thought provoking.

I'll post more once I get fully settled in and used to a new schedule and routine.


  1. Good luck and blessings to you Father.

    By thw way, is that your parish in the picture above? What a beautiful Church.

  2. Thank you!

    It is my parish church. Follow the link to the right and you can find more pictures of the church, and other things besides.

  3. Speaking of parish church. . . HAPPY FEAST DAY! :-D

    May St. Anthony intercede for you that you might be a good and faithful shepherd to all the souls in your parish.

  4. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Good Father, with greatful longing, we wait, breathlessly, for the "Message"

  5. Patience, my brother. The time will come, but until then you must wait.

  6. Thanks, Delixit and Jeffrey! I was able celebrate the Mass and preach here yesterday; I'll post the homily a bit later.

  7. Whatever you're up to fills me with apprehension, o "Good Father". ;.(