18 June 2007

On the Liturgy

The Catholic Liturgy is luminous in its very mysteries, balanced and respectful in its very magnificence; everything in it is ordered, and even that which calls most strongly to our being at the level of the senses comes by its meaning only through faith. Its fruit is joy but the lesson it teaches is one of austerity; the sacrifice which is its centre is a symbol and representation of the passion of the Lord, and the sacrament of His sacrifice, and the memorial of His death. Through the communion which is its consummation it feeds us on His Cross, and it would be of no value if it did not bring about interior sacrifice in all those who take part in it.

-Henri de Lubac, The Splendour of the Church, 109-110


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    This is beautiful quotation and a good direction to guide our meditation on the Sacred Mysteries. The great challenge for priests is to communicate these truths and ideals in their reverant and faithful offering of the Eucharistic Liturgy. It would seem as though the hearts and minds of the Catholic Faithful are hungry for this but...the world offers too many distractions. Another issue...some of our brother-priests allow their personalities to overshadow the beauty and mystery of the Eucharistic Liturgy. Keep posting these "little gems" for your readers. +Deus providebit!


  2. Right you are, Joseph! I'll keep doing what I can.