25 June 2007

Sunday's ordination

Sunday's mass ordination went very well, I am happy to say and lasted two hours and three minues, which must be a record of some kind. The principle Master of Ceremonies and I work well together, though we have to start meeting at times other than large Diocesan functions when we are both fairly stressed.

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was full, though not exactly jam-packed. Ordinarily one is disappointed when fewer people than expected turn out, but Sunday we were quite happy. We were expecting some two hundred people standing outside on the steps, but only fifteen or so were without pew space and stood in the back of the Cathedral.

The eighteen candidates for ordination to the Sacred Order of Deacons were joined by five permanent deacons (two of whom assisted Bishop Lucas) and some forty-five or more priests. Candidates of the diaconate class of 2009 served the ordination.

The readings and prayers for the Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist were used. In his homily, Bishop Lucas reminded the candidates for ordination that the honor they have now received is greater than that of the Baptizer because of the grace of the Sacraments.

The processional hymn was "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty," one of my personal favorites.

My hearty congratulations to each of our new deacons! I look forward with great joy to working with them in the years ahead.


  1. No photos of the Mass, Father? And how many people does the Cathedral seat?

    In these parts, despite liturgical recommendations, the ordinations do not take place in the Cathedral but in the home parish of the ordinand, to allow for maximum participation and attendance from his family and friends. But I guess in a large scale ordination, the cathedral would be appropriate.

    A few years back, ordination to the transitional diaconate was a very small scale affair here, taking place in the seminary chapel and at some weird time and day. Now, with more liturgical awareness, more decorum is practiced.

  2. No photos, Andrew. I refuse to take them from my vantage point as MC - it's tacky, even when a Bishop does it - and I didn't have a chance to track someone down that I knew before the Mass.

    The Cathedral sits about 1,000.

  3. Maureen1:34 PM

    Sorry we missed it Sunday afternoon. But we made it to Monday morning Mass in Decatur, where one of our newly ordained, Springfield diocesan deacons assisted. The celebrant was his dear friend; his parish priest from years ago in New Hampshire, who is also the godfather of the new deacon's son. We joyously celebrated little Brenden's First Communion given to him by his godfather, Fr. Gary and his father, Deacon Kevin.

  4. Haha...that reminds me of several Masses I have been to where some priests from neighbouring countries were snapping away during the entrance procession and the Mass. That was funny. And he had this big SLR camera with some kind of telescopic lens.