18 June 2007

Francis and Benedict news items

UPDATED: 21 June 2007, 10:43 a.m.

Be sure to keep checking back for the latest on the Holy Father's upcoming pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Francis of Assisi. I will find a way to keep this post at the top of the blog.

Texts: Angelus Address

The official Vatican site for the Pastoral Visit to Assisi is up.

News articles are finally beginning to appear:

AFP: Pope calls for middle East effort (6/17)

Agencia Fides: Benedict XVI in Assisi: Announce with St. Francis the simplicity of the Gospel in a complex world (6/15)

AP: Pope Benedict Makes Pilgrimage to Assisi (6/17)

AP: Pope decries 'horrors' Mideast violence (6/17)

Asia News: Francis' conversion, a gesture of love for God, source of dialogue (6/17)

Asia News: Pope to youth: be, like Francis, in love with Christ and history's protagonists (6/18)

Chiesa: Why Saint Francis "Is A True Master" for Today's Christians (6/20)

CNA: Man finds himself in the measure in which he lives for God (6/17) [the date for Francis' conversion is off by 200 years!!! (corrected 6/18)]

CNA: Holy Father uses his pilgrimage to Assisi to denounce violence (6/17)

CNA: Pope tells the youth to imitate Francis' radical conversion (6/18)

CWNews: Pope to Visit Assisi Sunday (6/15)

CWNews: Pope Benedict endorses "spirit of Assisi" in quest for peace (6/18)

CWNews: Imitate St. Francis, Pope Tells Young People (6/18)

ofm-conv.org: Pope Benedict XVI to Visit Rivotorto to Begin His Pastoral Visit of Assisi (6/15)

PA News: Pope Pleas for Peace in Assisi (6/17)

Papa Ratzinger Forum: Photos and texts of the messages (6/17)

Prensa Latina: Negotiated Solution to World Conflicts (6/17)

Umbria Online: Pope's Visist to Assisi (6/15)

VIS: Program of Benedict XVI's Pastoral Visit to Assisi (English and Italian) (6/15)

VIS: Bring Together Acceptance, Dialogue and Respect (6/17)

VIS: Appeal for an End to All Armed Conflict (6/17)

VIS: Message to the General Chapter of Friars Minor Conventual (6/17)

VIS: Meeting with Priests, Deacons and Religious (6/17)

VIS: Francis, Enamoured of Christ and an Architect of Peace (6/17)

Zenit: Pope to Visit Assisi Sunday (6/15)

Zenit: Benedict XVI visits Assisi and calls for peace (6/17)

Zenit: Francis' Secret Was Love for Christ, Pope Says (6/17)

Zenit: Spirit of Assisi is Not Syncretism, Pope Affirms (6/18)

Zenit: Benedict XVI to Youth: Open Wide the Doors to Christ (6/18)

Zenit: Pope Urges Franciscans to Proclaim Christ (6/18)

News Photos:

Reuters, Associated Press, Yahoo! News,

Links to various places in Assisi the Pontiff will visit:

Assisi Online

The Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi (official Italian site)

Bella Umbria - Beautiful pictures and other information

Resources on Saint Francis of Assisi

The Franciscan Archive has a nice selection of documents available in English

The Franciscan Community has a brief biography with beautiful illuminations (they also have a few movies)

New Advent

Roving Medievalist: Artistic representations of Saint Francis of Assisi


Around the blogosphere

American Papist: PPOTD (Finally!)

Blog by the Sea: Pope Benedict XVI in Assisi

Open Book: To Assisi

Open Book: In Assisi

Servant and Steward: My own observations

Shouts in the Piazza: A photo caption (I knew it would happen)

Whispers: At the Shrine of Peace, Pope Meets Poverello


You might remember the motu proprio by which Pope Benedict XVI placed the care of the Baslicas of St. Francis of Assisi and of St. Mary of the Angels under the control of the Diocesan Bishop.

Ignatius Press sells the excellenct Italian Movie Saint Francis. It is well worth watching.


  1. So, are you going? :-)

    I've never been to Assisi and it's one of the top places on my list of "places I wish I could visit." Sigh. God's will be done.

  2. You must go to Assisi; it is the most peaceful place on earth.

    Sadly, I am staying here in the States, but this way I'll be able to keep up on the coverage.