18 June 2007

Bishop Trautman writes again

His Excellence, the Most Reverend Donald Trautman, Bishop of Erie, has recently written a criticism of the proposed translation of the forthcoming Missal in America magazine.

Happy Catholic has an excellent response to Bishop Trautman's thoughts. I shall simply refer you to her response.


  1. Thanks very much! :-)

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Bishops Trautman is perfectly right. All I have seen of the new ICEL versions, including especially the Roman Canon, augurs a pastoral disaster. The texts are horrible as English, unproclaimable, fussy and motivated by some ideological hankering after the language of the 1950s. The current translation of the Roman Canon is fine and does not need to be replaced. The Roman Canon is the kind of text that is killed by a myopic word by word translation. Those who have poured scorn on Trautman should be ashamed of themselves: if anything like the new drafts is imposed on the Catholic faithful, these enthusiasts will be as crestfallen then as those who cheered on the Iraq War are today.