20 June 2007

Weigel weighs in

Via CWNews, as the list of those speaking up against the hierarchy - well, against Bishop Trautman's recent article, that is, George Weigel adds his voice to the mix. Weigel wonders:

Bishop Trautman is clearly a man of intelligence and learning, so it’s all the more puzzling why he seems to defend the indefensible. For how can anyone with a sense of the majesty of the English language defend the See-Spot/See-Spot-Run vocabulary and syntax the new ICEL translations are intended to replace?
Let's see then, so far we have the following lay persons speaking in favor of the forthcoming translation of the Missal: Open Book, Happy Catholic, the Curt Jester and George Weigel. Fr. Martin Fox has also chimed in. That's not a bad start.

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