23 September 2011

Random mental wanderings

Throughout this past week the priests of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois gathered for our annual convocation, which explains the recent lack of blogging.  We spent our time togethering discussing topics related to Catholics and the public square.

Yesterday morning we discussed immigration and immigrants.  At one point the presenter, an animated woman from Peru, asked rhetorically: "And who lives in our hearts?"

After sitting through a week of meetings my mental state begins to weaken rather a lot and what control I have over my thoughts - or at least the vocalization of these thoughts - diminishes.  When she asked, "And who lives in our hearts?" all I could think was, "I'm not sure, but Mr. Bimble lives in my thumb."

Those of you who have seen Muppet Treasure Island will no doubt understand the state of my mental capacity after that.

On the one hand I'm a little ashamed of myself for my lack of self-discipline.  On the other hand I'm pleased with the way my mind wanders, and how quickly it often does so.

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