30 September 2011

Catholic radio comes to Effingham

Catholic radio launched yesterday in Effingham:

Effingham Catholic radio WGMR [Gabriel - Michael - Raphael] 91.3 FM is on the air! Broadcasting 24/7 within a 30 mile radius of Effingham. Providentially, WGMR was able to begin broadcasting today, on the Feast of the Archangels - Saints Gabriel, Michael, Raphael. Covenant Network is running a pledge drive this week but will return to regular programming this weekend. If you have friends and family in WGMR's listening area, please let them know the good word!


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM


    Living in Newton, I had no idea Catholic Radio was coming to Effingham. Maybe I've been living in the dark? Out to my car, I go!


  2. I'd known it was coming, but the actually launch date caught be my surprise.