09 September 2011

Nothing like I've ever known

When I was in college one of my professors slept for only three hours each night.  I marvelled how he was able to make it through each day with so little sleep, especially since he was always full of good humor and joy.

Whenever I am in Hawaii it seems I need only about five hours of sleep each night, for which I am grateful.  Generally I spend the early morning hours catching up on e-mail, but yesterday I decided to watch the sunrise at Makapu'u.

Sunrise at Makapu'u
Though I didn't arrive early enough to watch the sun rise out of the ocean (I hope to do that next week), the experience was unlike anything I've ever known.

As I climbed the side of the mountain and rounded the turn towards the east, the bright rays of dawn seemed instantly to spread out over the waters, upon the path and cacti and other vegetation.  The temperature warmed and everything was covered in a beautiful glow.  I thought about taking a picture of what I saw in that instant, but I knew the image wouldn't compare to the reality.

There was something in that light that made my heart skip and leap for joy within me.  I was drawn out of myself and knew a happiness beyond description.  I even found myself wanting to run up the rest of the mountain to greet the rising sun.

It occured to me as I quickened my pace with a bright smile on my face, that this must be way Christians have for centuries buried their dead facing the east, toward the rising sun.  When Christ the Lord, the Morning Star, returns, we are to run toward him and toward the beauty of his light with an even greater joy than I experienced yesterday morning.

Let each of us be found waiting in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. Looks beautiful -- a gift from God, truly.