27 September 2011

Fourteen years of joy

Father Guy Selvester celebrates today the fourteenth anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood of Jesus Christ.  I am happy to extend to him my heartfelt congratulations and I will offer a prayer for his priestly ministry.

Reflecting on the past fourteen years of priestly life, Father Selvester says:

 must also say that, looking back over fourteen years of service, there has been the satisfaction of knowing that every now and again I've gotten it right and really helped someone. (Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!) There has been the inestimable privilege of baptizing people, burying their loved ones, consoling them, teaching them, praying for healing for them, absolving their sins and the unparalleled gift of being able to stand at God's altar and offer the holy sacrifice of the Mass. Despite the challenges and the occasional failures these have been years of joy!

The joy that I have experienced comes from the knowledge that I am doing what God called me to do. However imperfectly I may attempt it and no matter how unworthy I am God called me to be His servant and then gave me sufficient grace to answer that call. When you lay yourself down at night it is a comfort and a sweet reassurance to know that with whatever else you might have done with your life when the God who created the universe and all that is within it asked you to trust Him, to believe Him and to follow Him you answered the call and responded, "Here I am, send me".
Be sure to read his entire post.

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