30 September 2011

A beverage review: Dr Pepper Ten

Sometime following my recent return to the mainland I stopped in a gas station and saw something new in the Dr Pepper family of beverages: Dr Pepper Ten.

The new drink's claim to be fame is that it has just ten calories per serving compared to, I believe, 150 calories per serving of Dr Pepper.  At the same time, Dr Pepper Ten is said to have all twenty-three flavors found in Dr Pepper.

Being quite intrigued I grabbed a bottle, more out of curiosity than a desire for fewer curiosities.  My assessment is as follows:

Diet Dr Pepper tastes more like Dr Pepper than, say, Diet Pepsi tastes like Pepsi, but it still tastes like diet.  Dr Pepper Ten tastes more like Dr Pepper than it does Diet Dr Pepper.  All twenty-three flavors are there, but the diet taste is still present.  It's closer in taste to Dr Pepper, but it still tastes like diet.  And for that reason, I am not a fan.

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