27 September 2011

On pursuing agendas

It is no secret that liberals want the Church to have no place whatsoever in the discourse of the public square.  Here in Illinois, because the Church stands against their idealogical agenda, they are seeking to force the Church out of foster care and adoptions.

That is the way of many liberals.  While speaking of and claiming to act in the name of tolerance, they complete force out groups who do not agree with them.  Clearly, only one side is to be tolerated.

But a curious thing happens with the thought process of many liberals when they find that those who disagree with their agenda can still be helpful to them.

Hawaii is not known for its conservative politicians, which is what makes the news that Catholic Charities of Hawaii has received a $610,000 grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans and their families who are at risk of becoming homeless.

I am glad that the federal government is willing to work with Catholic Charities, particularly because it demonstrates a recognition of the reality that charities better assist people than government agencies.  I only wish the State of Illinois would be equally willing to work with Catholic Charities.

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