28 September 2011

Persecution Watch: the Middle East

The New York Times has finally turned it's attention to the desparate plight of Christians in the Middle East.  In an article explaining why Christians in Syria have backed President Assad, the Times describes, in brief, the situation Christians face in the Middle East:

The plight of Christians in Syria has resonated among religious minorities across the Middle East, many of whom see themselves as facing a shared destiny. In Iraq, the number of Christians has dwindled to insignificance since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, driven away by bloodshed and chauvinism. Christians in Egypt worry about the ascent of Islamists. Christians in Lebanon, representing the largest minority by proportion in the Arab world, worry about their own future, in a country where they emerged as the distinct losers of a 15-year civil war [more].       
I thank the New York Times for reporting  on this matter and hope such reporting will continue.

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  1. The Times has often reported on this, actually, especially regarding Egypt.