17 October 2008

World Mission Sunday homily outline

I've been noticing a large number of people finding my blog looking for a homily for the celebration of the World Mission Sunday 2008 to be celebrated this Sunday.

The Gospel is from Matthew where Jesus says to render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. I'll offer a brief outline of what I intend to say this weekend.

The coin in the passage is Caesar's because it has his image on it. The image of God is found in humanity (where are created in his image) and thus all human life belongs to God.

This will lead into a bit on the upcoming elections. The right to life belongs not to Caesar but to God and thus must be protected and defended above all else. Nothing trumps the right to life because life belongs to God, not man.

From here I will speak of the missionary activity of the Church. Because all life belongs to God we have a solemn duty to spread his Gospel so that all people might know him to whom they belong.

The message of the Gospel must be spread both at home and away. There are many places that still need to hear the Gospel for the first time, and there are others who need to hear it again.

By voting for life not only will we help to defend the innocent and vulnerable, but we will also participate in the spread of the Gospel.

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