13 October 2008


Throughout the day I've received a couple of questions relating to the remaining schedule for the soccer season. It seems some parents want to plan ahead and were asking the dates, times and locations of possible future games, presuming we do well in the first regional game, and then in the second, etc.

Looking through the possible games and consulting also with my own calendar I was quite surprised to see that every time we might play in a match that my calendar was free each and every time, even in the afternoon leading up to the evening games, often some distance away.

If you've ever tried to schedule an evening with a priest you know how very difficult it can often be. We have too many - and, often enough, pointless - meetings and other such things to attend to. Could this be the hand of Providence writing through my calendar? I hope so.

I wonder if the Lord will grant us - and if the boys will play well and hard enough - to keep advancing? I do hope so.

Saints Anthony of Padua, Sebastian and Christopher (he's apparently the patron saint of soccer; perhaps Sr. Mary Martha could verify this for us [I'm sure the saints don't mind this little interlude]), pray for us!

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