13 October 2008

World Mission Sunday 2008

Here's a little homework for you to help prepare for the World Mission Sunday to be celebrated 19 October 2008: read Pope Benedict XVI's message for the day.

It is a brief message (just over three printed pages) and in it the His Holiness addresses "the continuing urgency to proclaim the Gospel" even today. He does so in a special way by focusing on the life of the Apostle Paul, whose jubilee year we now celebrate (I'll let you read the message to see how he does so).

Reflecting on the horrors and difficulties of the present day, he voices the questions and concerns of all humanity:
What will become of humanity and creation? Is there hope for the future, or rather, is there a future for humanity? And what will this future be like?
Certainly these questions concern every person and they seem to be more pressing with each passing day.

The answer to these questions, as we know, is Christ for, as Pope Benedict puts it, "Christ is our hope" and "his Gospel is a 'life-changing communication that gives hope, throws open the dark door of time and illuminates the future of humanity and the university."

Because of this hope that Christ gives us, "it is therefore an urgent duty for everyone to proclaim Christ and his saving message."

You might also visit the web site of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

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