31 October 2008

Put to the test

Today being Halloween I have decided not to attempt to cover much in class. Whenever I plan to cover a certain amount of material but don't manage to do so I get a little irritated. Rather than all but guarantee an irritation, I chose the more prudent path of opting just to entertain students today.
Yesterday in my first class two of the students made the claim that I would be unable to tell the difference between "Dr Pop" and Dr Pepper. I insisted I would know the difference.
This morning they brough in a can of each to conduct their little test. They presented me with two cups and asked me which one contained Dr Pepper.
Just from looking at them I could tell; one had too much fiz yet for Dr Pepper. Knowing they wouldn't accept this claim, I smelled each drink and pointed out the Dr Pepper. Not satisfied - and after trying to convince me I was wrong - they insisted I take a sip of each.
First, I had sipped the Dr Pepper; I was right. Second, I sipped the Dr Pop; it was absolutely revolting. It tasted more like grape soda than it did Dr Pepper.
I'm happy to say that I was vindicated in my love of Dr Pepper.

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