29 October 2008

Blind followers

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I am no support of Senator Obama.

I find it curious to ask those who support him why they do so. Inevitably, they tout the "hope and change" he will bring if elected. But when pressed as to what hope he brings or what changes he will bring - Illinois certainly hasn't seen any - his supporters are left without an answer.

The closest answer given me thus far is that he will end the war of Iraq. It's possible, perhaps, though highly unlikely. He may well withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq, but the hostility, violence and bloodshed will remain. Who can say if it will decrease or increase. We simply do not - and cannot - know the future.

Even if violence in Iraq would decrease, the number of deaths throughout the entire duration of the war comes nowhere near the number of unborn babies killed in the U.S. alone each year (this is the most common argument I hear in support of Senator Obama; morals aside, taken logically, it simply doesn't add up).

What we do know is what Senator Obama has promised to do if elected: sign the so-called Freedom of Choice Act. No good will come of this.

The other day I received a request for help from one of our former exchange students from Germany. She is conducted a poll of sorts for one of her classes. She asked how people from Illinois would be voting in the election given that Senator Obama represents Illinois.

I offered my take on things for her, largely as I outlined it above, though without reference to the war in Iraq.

I found her reply most intriguing, and distressing:

It is a big issue here also, most Europeans though favor Obama, but I think it is the same problem - many of us do not know what he is going to change and what he stands for.

It is said ad nauseam that we now have the most educated society the world has ever seen. If this is indeed the case, how is it that so many people - both here and abroad - can support a man with religious fervor without knowing for what he stands?

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