30 October 2008

High school happenings

If you have noticed a lighter posting schedule these past few days, it is because I am still covering four classes each day at the high school. It is very enjoyable, but it does take a bit of time.

This morning one of the students - who went on pilgrimage with me to the World Youth Day 2008 - said to me this morning in class, for reasons I cannot remember:

It's your world, Father; I just live in it.

If only I could get more people to think like that!
Yesterday I gave the sophomores a writing assignment that they apparently did not at all like; I've already heard from quite a few of them about it. (I took yesterday off from teaching so as to at least have a partial day of rest this week.) The reading they had to write on apparently had too many words that they didn't understand on the first reading; a second reading apparently didn't occur to most of them.
The first of the two sophomore classes will arrive in about five mintues. It's time for me to set up my defenses and prepare for the assault.
I do, of course, have my own ammunition ready with which to fire back. I know we have dictionaries in this building somewhere... This should be fun!

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