17 August 2014

Should we agree to disagree? Pope Francis says no

If you've been following the Apostolic Journey of His Holiness to the Republic of Korea on the Occasion of the 6th Asian Youth Day, you will know that the missionary pilgrimage has been filled with many profound words and gestures from Pope Francis.

By far, though, the best and most important words spoken by the Holy Father are these, which he said in his address to the Bishops of Asia at the Shrine of Haemi:
An agreement to disagree… so as not to make waves… This sort of superficiality does us great harm.
The notion of agreeing to disagree has almost always left me feeling rather uncomfortable. Doing so requires that neither person really believes what he says very strongly. It is false. It is lame. It is insincere. It never gets to the heart of the other person. And it creates more obstacles than it avoids.

Jesus never agreed to disagree with anyone; neither should we. Jesus made plenty of waves; so should we.

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