30 August 2014

Cardinal Wuerl: "Why a silence" about Iraq and Syria?

For many weeks now I have been doing what I can to speak out against the evil of the Islamic State, reminding all who will listen or read that what Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross said is true: "Those who remain silent are responsible."

Yesterday, at the conclusion of the celebration of the Mass of the Holy Spirit t begin the Academic Year at the Catholic University of America, His Eminence Donald William Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington and Chancellor of the Catholic University of America, did the same, though in different words, and asked, "Why a silence?"

A transcription of His Eminence's words is available here.

Have you been silent about the suffering and persecution of more than 200,000 men, women, and children by the members of the army of the Islamic State and its supporters? It is time to speak up!

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