12 December 2011

An Evening of Repentance and Prayer for Those Harmed in the Church

From the Office for Worship (with a few edits):

We pray tonight in the cathedral church at 7:00 PM the Repentance and Prayer for Those Harmed in the Church.

After Christ speaks to us in the Liturgy of the Word, we will pray a litany that focuses on the following:

  • For sins in general;
  • For sins of clerical sexual abuse of minors;
  • For other sins of unchastity;
  • For sins of theft and financial misconduct;
  • For sins of a lack of pastoral sensitivity in the closing of parishes and schools;
  • For sins of negligence or unresponsiveness to parishioners’ spiritual needs; and
  • For sins of failing to live a holy life

All are welcome. Come and pray. If you cannot, keep in your mind and heart all those harmed.

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