03 December 2011

Twitter followers

I've never quite understood the point of Twitter, and to a great extant I still don't.  I have, however, discovered something of a use for it, though I'm not certain how useful it is.

For the past several weeks now I have been posting items of note - news, etc. - to my Twitter without bringing them to full attention on my blog.  It seems to have attracted several new "followers" in recent days, two of whom have brought some confusion to my thoughts.

The first of these followers hopped on board yesterday with the tag name ifollowHATE.  This person purports to "follow people that follow hate groups."  Why?  Because "Jesus taught us to love, why do some people insist on using his name to justify hate?"

Presumable this means that I am a person of hate who uses Jesus' name to spread my hateful message.  The odd thing is that I don't recall ever spreading, condoning, encouraging, or promoting hate through my blog, or through any other means, for that matter. 

The second of these followers hopped on board this morning: Jesus Christ.  Curiously, the Savior only has 22 followers, whereas I have 127.  This might not be good.

I'm not sure who has the audacity to speak as Jesus Christ himself via Twitter (thankfully he only seems to tweet verses from the Gospels), but I hope the Lord will - in his merciful humor - pardon such presumption.

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