16 December 2011

Why is this not all over the news?

On December 11, 2011, the New York Post reported a troubling account of an Orthodox rabbi who has been indicted for child sexual abuse:
In 1985, Avrohom Mondrowitz — a Hasidic “therapist” working in Brooklyn — was indicted for abusing five young boys. Police suspected he abused well over 100 more.

Mondrowitz fled to Israel, where he remains a free man to this day.
Even more troubling is the news published the same day that the Orthodox Jewish Liaison for the Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hynes,
not alert the press on most arrests. It refused to name 85 Orthodox molesters arrested since the program started in January 2009, saying that might reveal victim identities.
Also that same day, a story was published on the 85 molesters (a few of whom are named) involving 117 victimes.

Yet none of this has covered the headlines across the nation with the time it warrants.  Why?  When will our nation and our people get serious about addressing the scourge of sexual abuse that runs rampant like the plague?

Writing for The Vatican Insider, Marco Tosatti quotes TheMediaReport.com on these stories that still have not been reported in the New York Times (emphases Tosatti's):
However, the one news outlet where you will not find any information on this, is the New York Times, even if these disgusting crimes occurred in its own backyard. Is this another case of “not the Catholic Church”? It seems so. The Times has never been shy in trumpeting cases, attaching allegations of abuse by Catholic priests that took place decades ago. Just last week, for example, it wrote an unconfirmed story about an archbishop in Ireland, who died in 1973, had been accused of abuse years after his death. A clear case of double standards? Certainly. We must truly seek justice and compassion for the sexual abuses of priests. But we demand fairness, justice and perspective in reporting on the abuses of the Catholic Church. And the New York Times still does not do any of this.

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