04 December 2011

Advent and the new translation

Writing On the News, Phil Lawler recently commented on the appropriateness of beginning the use of the revised English translations of the Ordinary Form of the Mass in Advent:
As we stumble over the new responses, we can think of the Magi following the unpredictable movements of a star, or St. Joseph banging on doors looking for a place to stay. If we are forced to pay extra attention to the words, that won’t be a bad thing. And if we continue to blurt out the old responses from time to time, that might be a useful lesson in humility [more].
Now that's well said!


  1. Interesting!

    Yesterday my 9-year-old whispered, sometime during the Eucharistic Prayer, "This really IS different!" That got me wondering: how much of the prayer is season-specific and how much of it will we still have all the time, even in Ordinary Time?

  2. The portion of the Eucharistic Prayer that changes depending on the day is called the Preface. It is comprised of the part of the prayer following the people's response, "It is right and just" and through the Holy, holy.

  3. Thank you! I always wondered about that.