04 October 2010

Where's my new hat?

One of my cousins recently asked if my assignment as driver to the Bishop comes with a new hat. She suggested this one:


  1. I wonder, can you wear the biretta outside of the liturgy? That'd be humorous!

  2. Of course. But a Master of Ceremonies never wears a biretta during the Liturgy.

  3. Fr. Daren,

    Congrats on the new position! A few things I've learned:

    1) it will take some time to adjust to a non-parochial assignment. I still miss parish life, even after 4+ years of working in the Vocation Office. Remember, as a dio priest, that's the heart of our ministry!

    2) In your work with the Vocation Office, your impact with the people of God is one step removed. You can help to set the tone for candidates and seminarians in how they will impact the people of God through their ministry. Be a good and holy example for them! (which is, I am sure, why the new bishop asked you to this position!)

    3) New vocation Directors workshop in Detroit next year at NCDVD!!!!

    welcome to the club, it's a happening place.

  4. Driving Bishop Daisy!