04 October 2010

On cars

Since I announced my new appointment as driver to the Bishop, three of my former students have asked me what sort of car I will drive when driving the Bishop to and fro (though not in those words).

Yesterday afternoon I drove His Excellency to Carrolton, Illinois for the 150th anniversary of St. John the Evangelist Parish. Even though I spend two hours driving the car, I have no idea what it was, neither make nor model. I should maybe pay more attention to such things.

On a vaguely related note, I received a letter today from a car dealership in Springfield that is looking to a number of Toyota Matrices (the plural of Matrix), which I own. Mine is a 2005 with 106,000 miles. The letter say the Black Book Appraisal Guide (I'm not sure what that is) says my car is valued at $8,110 and they're willing to pay more for it.

For the past several months I've wondered if this was a good time to trade in my car for something different. Can someone who knows more about such things than me offer advice?

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  1. Despite recent issues with Toyota, I truly feel they are the way to go. I had an '89 Corolla that I literally had absolutely no problems with, only regular maintenance. The only reason I don't have in now is because my sister was in a car accident with it and now it's no longer in commission. The only thing I warn, the newer the car, the more computerized it is and the more likely it is that you will have problems that need to be fixed. Good luck!