04 October 2010

Bitter sweet - a new home for Claire

When I adopted Claire, my sweet puppy, I knew the day might come when I might not be able to keep her, but I did not think that day would come so soon. When I assume my duties as driver to the Bishop, Master of Ceremonies, and Associate Director of Vocations, I will not be able to keep Claire because there is no real space for her in the Cathedral rectory.

When I took up my duties as Pastor of Holy Cross Parish, while remaining Pastor of Sacred Heart and St. Patrick Parishes, I wondered if I should keep Claire; there was a couple of days when I was with Claire for only an hour each day, and not all at once. I asked a trusted priest-friend what he thought; he told me that had had a couple of dogs and that, though he would not be getting another dog, would not have changed anything at all. Tonight I know what he means.

I have been looking for a new home for Claire and hoping she could move in sooner than later. There are several reasons for this. First, I wanted her to move while I am still excited about the new assignments, thus giving me a bit of time to get used to life without her. Second, I wanted her to move while the weather is still decently warm and before the busy-ness of the Christmas season arrives. Third, I wanted her to move soon because I will be away a lot in the next month and a half, helping with several retreats and taking a vacation in my beloved Hawai'i. I was also hoping that someone I knew would adopt Claire so that I could visit her from time to time.

Thursday I filled out the "surrender papers" returning ownership of Claire to the Effingham Animal Rescue Sanctuary from which I adopted her. It wasn't easy filling out that form, but I knew it would be better for Claire.

I am certain today that Saint Francis of Assisi intervened in finding Claire a new home.

Two of my college friends are married, have four children, live in Springfield and are members of the Cathedral parish. She has apparently loved Claire for some time now, ever since she saw her pictures on Facebook. He has known this for a while and thought it would be good to surprise her and the kids by adopting Claire. They have a large house and a big, fenced in yard. He told her the plan and she couldn't keep it from the kids. I will deliver Claire into their care Friday afternoon before heading to Quincy for a Teens Encounter Christ retreat.

Claire will be very happy with them and will enjoy playing with the kids very much. And since they live just a few blocks away from the Cathedral, I will get to see Claire - and them - often.

Thank you, St. Francis!


  1. Oh, how wonderful! Are you sure it wasn't St. Dominic that helped you out? His preachers are the Hounds of God, after all. (and I'm biased.)

    This truly warms my heart.

  2. I am, though I'm biased in the other direction. I suppose it could have been Don Bosco; he had a dog, yeah?

  3. That's great news! So sad you have to give her up, but the circumstances of her adoption are wonderful!

    Last winter when I fostered a German Shepherd, I prayed to St. Joseph for help in finding him a home. (I fostered because I cannot adopt another dog). A few days after I pled his case to the good St. Joseph, I learned that a veterinarian with a heart for senior dogs and especially German Shepherds, wanted to adopt him! He was going from terrible circumstances to "doggie heaven on earth" - to 4 acres to run around in, able to go with her to work, no worries about veterinary care...etc! :-)

    The Saints sure do help with their intercession!

  4. Wonderful news. You get the best of both worlds for your pet - a wonderful new home and close enough to visit her. We all know St. Francis had a hand in this!