07 October 2010

Illinois' race for governor

Recently the Catholic Conference of Illinois submitted a survey to the candiates running for election as Governor of the State of Illinois.

The survey consisted of questions related areas of concern to Catholics, namely: the Ultrasound Opportunity Act (HB 5743/SB 1338), tuition vouchers (SB 2494), the abolition of the death penalty (HB 5687/SB3569), same-sex civil unions (SB 1716) and immigration.

Of the five candidates, only one did not respond to the survey, Governor Pat Quinn (D); Gov. Quinn was contacted several times by the Conference but never responded. It would seem the Governor is not concerned with the interests of Catholics.

Senator Bill Brady (R), Scott Lee Cohen (I), Lex Green (L) and Rich Whitney (G) responded to the survey.

The Conference has compiled a summary of their responses in a one-page document; the Conference has asked this summary to be inserted in parish bulletins over the next several weeks. It will go in my bulletins next week.

The Conference has also posted the full responses of Sen. Bill Brady, Scott Lee Cohen, Lex Green and Rich Whitney on its web site.

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