14 October 2010

I hope I don't encounter this in my future ministry

I have never been a fan of so-called "liturgical dance," both because I find it tacky and distracting, and because it isn't allowed. Today, though, there is a news story from Khartoum offering one more reason not to like liturgical dance: assassin dancers (with my emphases).

An assassination attempt on Cardinal Zubeir Wako, the Catholic Archbishop of Khartoum took place on Sunday. The attack happened as the Cardinal was leading the Eucharistic celebration at the Comboni Playground in Khartoum.

A suspect, who was identified as Hamdan Mohamed Abdurrahman, infiltrated the congregation and joined the liturgical dancers in front of the altar. He made his way to the front of the group and held up a dagger within four steps of Cardinal Wako, before he was spotted by the Master of Ceremonies, Mr Barnaba Matuech Anei who was next to the cardinal, who caught and disarmed him. He was then handed over to the security guards who had missed him earlier.
Maybe I should take a self-defense class before becoming the Master of Episcopal Ceremonies in January.

Capello tip to Fr. Ray Blake.


  1. Get a kevlar cassock! Liturgical dance = fail!

  2. As an MC at the seminary, I certainly hope this isn't going to become part of the official duties.

  3. Well, one of the titles of a Deacon is Defender of the Eucharist... Although I can't think this type of thing was envisioned in the popularizing of that title. Perhaps Ellen is right - instead of lining those chasubles and dalmatics with linen or silk they ought to have a kevlar liner.