18 October 2010

Two Friday's ago I took Claire to her new home in Springfield with two of my college friends and their family.

Since then I have not been home much. Last weekend I was in Quincy Saturday through Monday on a TEC retreat. This past week I have been in and out quite and a bit and Friday through Sunday, in addition to my usual duties, I was on a Koinonia retreat in my parishes. Tonight is really the first night I've been free since Claire moved into her new home.

It is very strange not having her around.

Reports are good. She is adjusting well to her new family and surroundings, and the kids are adjusting to her. And every now and again she will lay outside where I parked my car when I took her then. She enjoys her new family, but apparently misses me. And I miss her. Tomorrow I will visit her before bouncing around the state on a psuedo-vacation.

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