14 October 2010

A weekend of blessings

This past weekend I had the pleasure of serving as the Spiritual Director on Great River Teens Encounter Christ #268 back in Quincy.

Prior to the weekend, I snuck back to a soccer game in Effingham Tuesday evening and mentioned to one of the players that I would be on the retreat and was looking forward to it. I was a bit taken aback when he reprimanded me for not inviting him to the retreat.

After a few phone calls arrangements were made for him to attend the retreat. By the end of the first day he wanted to come on another TEC weekend; he has already sent in his papers.

The second blessing came in the form of a note given me during the retreat from one of the members on the service end of the weekend. He mentioned that I was the spiritual director on his first TEC weekend and that, because of my example, he wanted to become Catholic; he had grown up in a nondenominational home and hopped around from church to church and loved what he found in the Catholic faith. Notes like this bring great joy to a priest and leave him quite humbled.

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