07 September 2007


Yesterday afternoon the soccer match between the St. Anthony Bulldogs and the Effingham High School Hearts ended in a tie.

The rain poured down mighty heavily and the wind blew so strongly that umbrellas were not really of much benefit.

Nonetheless, the players played well and gave it their all.

I'm amazed how cold 75 degrees can feel when it's pouring down rain.

One of our players stopped a ball with his chest and the field was so muddy that the imprint of the ball remained on his shirt:

The Effingham Daily News covered the game.


  1. Bulldogs I can understand, but why Hearts?

  2. What a great photo. In all my years as a soccer mom, I never saw the impression of a ball on a shirt.

  3. The picture itself was a bit of a challenge to retrieve.

    When I took the picture of Molly with the DrPepper off of my camera I forgot to turn it off and the battery became depleted.

    I took the picture of the jersey with my cell phone and it took three students to find a way to get if from my camera to my computer.

    Every now and then it's an encouraging thought to know that they don't really study in study hall and can help me with technological difficulties.

  4. Even an old fogey like me figured out that you just send it to your e-mail address! Apparently I have too much time on my hands.

  5. I tried to email it myself several times under te email option under my phone but it would not work.

    The kids had me "text" it my email. I didn't know you could text to something that wasn't a cell phone.