04 September 2007

A happy discovery

Yesterday afternoon two friends came to spend the afternoon with me and to finish the preparations for their October wedding.

We had an enjoyable time seeing the sites of the Effingham area and getting lost a couple of times in the countryside - which is why I need a driver - but, aside from seeing them, the highlight of the day was a happy, chance discovery we made: we found sourballs!

Back in Quincy one can get sourballs in every color, though the best is to get the assortment of colors. Here in Effingham, if you want an assortment you have to mix it yourself. Although they seem to cost twice as much here in Effingham as in Quincy, they are well worth the cost, being one of the greatest candies around.
Oddly enough, I've never thought them to be very sour, so I'm not really sure the name comes from. Even so, they are fantastically good!
I should have known that they could be found here because the financial secretary - who always keeps a fine and changing selection of treats on her desk - brings them in from time to time. She might even have told me where to find them once, but if she did I must have forgotten.
I might have found yesterday what will become a weekly stop.


  1. Daren,

    It looks like I found your site and blog. Rose and I were glad to be a part of your happy discovery of sourballs. I've finished my Jelly Belly's as of this morning during my drive to work. We had a great time with you in Effingham and look forward to seeing you again in October.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Thanks, Craig! I'll get to work on that book list later this evening.

  3. Sourballs and Dr. Pepper: You aren't going to have any teeth left!

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmm- I just got some Cherry Heads and some Lemon Heads (I guess that's what they're called - but they aren't blimp-shaped like today's lemon heads, they're perfectly round) from a friend who happened by Ferrar's (sp?) candies the other day.
    I had completely forgotten about these cherry candies - hard exterior (but not Jawbreaker hard) and chewy, sour interior.
    They ROCK!

  5. Those sound very similar to what I picked up yesterday. And if you carry a couple handfuls of them in your pockets at a soccer game you sort of rattle as you walk about...until you eat them all, which probably isn't a good idea when it's 102 degrees outside.

  6. Ooh, sourballs. Now there's a candy that takes me back to my youth. My dad always picked up sourballs when he bought his orange and spearmint slices (yuck -I can't stomach gummy candies). My favorite sourballs were always the grape ones and my least favorite the lemon ones.

    Now Lemonheads and Cherry Heads were the candy of choice at the local movie theater. Although some movie theater patrons used tham as ammo to be thrown from the balcony to the lower level seats.