07 September 2007

Papal visit to Austria

Here are a couple of the photos that are coming from the Pontiff's visit to Austria.
His Emminence, Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, is wearing the same cape that I have. The soccer players want me to wear it every game, but I won't pull it out until it cools down a bit. [photo credit]

I really like this one. [photo credit]

I won't be able to keep track of the visit to Austria this weekend, but you can always try these good folks:

The Vatican site (The English text of the welcome address is already up, and it looks like the rest will be posted soon as the English spot is already up for them)

Vatican Radio

The Schonborn Site

Amy has good coverage, thoughts and links, as usual

The Cafeteria is Closed

I'll post what I can when I can.


  1. If you wear your cape to a soccer game, you'd better get pictures.

  2. Oh yeah! That we have to see :-)