28 January 2015

Rabbits, Hockey, and More: High School Q&A with Bishop Paprocki

As part of Catholic Schools Week, which is currently being celebrated in the United States of America, the Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki recently sat down for a live web chat with the seven Catholic high schools to answer fourteen questions posed to him by the students in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

The questions posed to him reflected a variety of topics:
  1. What is our best strategy for reversing Roe vs. Wade?
  2. What are some bits of advice or strategies to help those who struggle with their faith?
  3. Do Catholic schools have a common curriculum?
  4. What can I do to keep my faith and not lose sight of God in our changing society?
  5. How should the Church better show compassion for those in the LGBTQ community?
  6. Is Pope Francis' recent statement about not breeding like rabbits a contradiction of Church teaching?
  7. What changes have you seen in the Church in the last five years and what changes do you predict will happen in the next five years? 
  8. What do you say to those who do not believe in God because of evil, illness, and unanswered prayers?
  9. What is your advice for those preparing for college?
  10. How do you feel about the country wanting to take the word God out of the pledge of allegiance?
  11. Blues or Blackhawks?
  12. What are your plans to address the post-Confirmation to pre-marriage age group?
  13. Who is your favorite male and female saint, and why?
  14. Is it possible for a lay person to perform an emergency exorcism?
You can watch the Q&A session here:

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