24 January 2015

What will you think about this weekend?

Weekends can often be filled with a great number of distractions - oftentimes good in their own right - which sometimes keep us from making good use of the additional free time a weekend affords us. Used properly, a weekend is a time to rest, to enjoy the company of family and friends, and for growth in the spiritual life.

To this last aim, I offer you these words from the Seraphic Doctor to help guide your thoughts this weekend:

Therefore, you must solicitously consider and frequently reflect that God, who does not lie, has promised to those who believe in God and love God: the removal of all evils, the company of the saints, the fulfillment of all desires in God who is the font and final goal of all goods - God who is so good as to exceed every wish, every desire, every imaginable estimation. Moreover, God regards [you] as worthy of such a good, if indeed you love and desire God above all else, and for the sake of God alone; and so you must struggle to reach with every desire, affection, and choice of resolute goodness.
- Saint Bonaventure

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