12 January 2015

Conflicted about cancelled classes

There are few things that bring greater joy to a student than the unexpected cancellation of class. Thus was my experience last week when I learned on Thursday afternoon my Latin class Friday afternoon (1:30 - 3:00, a miserable time for class) was cancelled, without explanation.

After my morning classes concluded today, I learned that Latin is again cancelled this afternoon. It's a beautifully bright day here in Rome under a perfectly blue sky and the free time will afford a welcome and lengthy walk through the city.

While the news again brought much joy, I can't help but feel a bit conflicted; I like not having class, but I hope he's feeling okay. This isn't a professor keen on missing classes - let alone two in a row - and he's also one of the finest men I've ever met (and the only professor I currently have that actually talks with his students).

If you would, please say a prayer for my professor, and for the students who now have a second free afternoon.

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