01 July 2011

An unexpected surprise

If you browse through the Letters of the Editor of your local newspaper - be it large or small - you are likely to find few positive throughts expressed therein.  It has always been such, I suppose, that the editorial page has been used for more griping and blaming than for encouragement and counsel.

But every now and again a supportive letter finds its way first to paper and then to print.  Consider this letter recently published in the State Journal-Register regarding Bishop Paprocki's first year as Bishop of Springfield in Illinois:
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki was installed as our ninth bishop in the Springfield Diocese. The diocese covers 28 counties.

In his short time, he has already visited many churches in the diocese. He has been a true shepherd to his flock.

Bishop Paprocki has faced head-on many tough problems, including abortion, same-sex marriages and abuses in the church. He doesn’t bite his tongue on any issue.

One day in the future, I believe the bishop will return to Chicago and replace the cardinal when he retires. May God bless Bishop Paprocki and continue to guide him through the Holy Spirit.

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