18 July 2011

Responsible airlines

This morning, if it be God's will, I am to fly out of St. Louis to Denver on my way to Honolulu.  But there's a catch: my flight out of St. Louis is overbooked.

One might well wonder how a responsible airline could sell more tickets for a flight than there are seats.

Here's hoping for the best!


  1. Evan Keil8:35 AM

    I think they always overbook flights on purpose. They probably pay analysts to know statistically how many seats they can actually sell because they know some people will cancel last minute or not show up. As we both know, however, statistics aren't always the case. There are always exceptions to statistics. Colleges employ this method as well in an attempt to fill all of their spaces in the residence halls. They will actually bring in more students than they have spaces, knowing that in the first few weeks, people will either not show up or go home.

  2. Yes, I understand the theory, but reality isn't often so theoretical. At any rate, I made it to Denver.